Tobias Åberg from Moskus has sent us some images from one of his dives on Fu Shan Hai.

Thank you for sharing 🙂

Martin Hansson at the stern.

Henrik Nilsson and Martin Hansson at the front part of the bridge.

Anders Näsman at the 9 metre stop.

Henrik Nilsson looks at the rope ladder. Aprox 40 metres.

Looking op at the bridge.

The name sign.

Anders Näsman inside the bridge.

The bridge seen from the deck.

The view from the chimneys base. Depth 35 metres.

The divers that dived on Fu Shan Hai with us.

Martin Hansson at the top of the bridge. Depth 27 metres.

Henrik and Martin on the way up.

The davids, where the lifeboats were.