Northern Europes largest diveable shipwreck

Month: September 2015

Enurek has uploaded a very nice 15 min dive video, with lot’s of great indoor footage.

My favorite part is at the 9:00 min mark, where a poster hangs between a wooden clock and a light fixture.

The message on the poster is:


Safety and Quality Policy

  • * Ensuring Safty
    * Protecting Environment
    * Calculating Running
    * Innovating Management
    * Persisting Improvement and
    * Providing Excellent Service

Be sure to se the whole video.

Lots of good views from inside MV Fu Shan Hai.

We are guided thru the vessels mess hall, bridge, offices and a bathroom during this dive.
The mess hall is very well preserved, and chairs and tables still seem to be in a reasonable condition.

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